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Road Traffic Accidents

A road traffic accident refers to any accident involving at least one Motor vehicle, happening on a road open to public movement, and in which at least one person is injured. Many Road traffic accidents happen each and every day and can happen for many reasons such as speeding, unfortunate weather and road conditions, drunk driving, or other illegal driving.

Suffering a Road Traffic Accident can have a devastating effect and can impact the person or persons involved. This could be due to their injuries which can result in time of work, ongoing medical assistance and rehabilitation.

It is important to know that if you have been involved in a car accident which was not your fault, and you suffered an injury of some kind, then ACH Group Management Limited could help you receive the care and attention you deserve whilst making a claim for compensation from the party at fault.

ACH Group Management Limited will carefully recommend a highly professional experienced Solicitor for you to work on a “No Win No Fee” which means if your personal injury claim is genuinely unsuccessful you will have nothing to pay.*

* You may be charged a proportionate fee under some circumstances, for instance; you cancel your claim outside of the cooling off period or, your claim is found to be untrue or fraudulent.